Managed Services – Telecommunication

Seamless, world-class managed services

We run managed services for telecom mobility solutions providers. This helps them augment their productivity and ensures smooth flow of business processes.

Telecommunications Service Providers operate in a highly competitive market that requires constant innovation and faster time to market, while reducing cost and complexity. We address these challenges through an operating model based on process standardization and alignment to ITIL. This helps our customers create efficiencies and increase effectiveness by improving agility, shortening time to delivery, and improving customer service.

The key tenets of our managed services model are:

  • Standardized process framework aligned to ITIL
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and process controls

Telecom Business Applications support

The services we provide are:

  • Application Maintenance: Software updates or enhancements to meet changing business needs
  • Application Monitoring and Support: Monitoring error logs, line support, and on-call support
  • Telecom Testing Services: We provide the following telecom business application testing services:
    • Functional Testing
    • Test Automation
    • Performance Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Mobile App Testing
    • Agile Testing
    • Test Strategy
    • Test Management
    • Process Improvement

Our comprehensive Managed Services are designed for efficiency and effectiveness. We help businesses focus on their core objectives, with us taking care of managing operations and business processes. We especially tailor our services to meet the varied requirements of different businesses to ensure optimal results. This ensures that important tasks are being executed by well-trained, dedicated professionals who give priority to accuracy and speed. Results will be delivered as per the pre-defined schedule on a consistent basis. We are also able to ramp up our teams to meet peak demands.