UX Design

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End-user interactivity and ease of use is the key to any successful business application or product, and therefore User Experience is most imperative for your business needs. Functional utility, aesthetic appeal, and overall efficiency of the product are key to its success. eWandzDigital highly emphasizes on UX for the utmost user satisfaction.

We offer UX design services for websites and business applications.

Five ingredients for creating global UX impact

We create a powerful UX impact by using five key elements in the UX development process.

Research: Research of the relevant users, market, stakeholders, competitors
Personas: Study of the demographics and personas of the end users
Information architecture: A visual representation of the user's journey through the platform
Visual representation/wireframe: A skeletal visual representation that provides insight into the thoughts/ideas of the designer, allows for reviews, brainstorming, and iterations
Engaging interface: A distillation of all the previous steps to get to the right kind of interface that engages the user

We have instituted a robust and streamlined process of UX/UI development through ensuring design and code consistency and through our reusability framework. Design components are reusable across multiple parts of a project and even across different projects.

We create solutions that are both intuitive to use and tailored to match specific user tasks and business goals. We always ensure that the end user is at the heart of our design considerations. Our approach is rooted in collaborative and iterative design, data-driven user insights, clearly defined goals, and thorough validation.