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Announcing eWandzDigital Inc., Canada

Canada ewandz digital

eWandzDigital has expanded its geographical footprint with eWandzDigital Inc, Nova Scotia, Canada, a move that is expected to not only accelerate growth for the company, but also help create about 100 jobs over the next four years in the Technology, Analytics and Digital media domains. This announcement was made by the company’s CEO Preeta Chandran and Founder-Director Pankaj Kumar Saxena. The Canadian entity is a subsidiary of the Indian company.

In November 2021, eWandzDigital had been part of a delegation to Canada. The visit, facilitated by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), was part of the industry body’s ongoing strategic partnership with the Government of Canada. The visit across multiple provinces resulted in a deep understanding of the talent landscape, government support, and business and market needs.

eWandzDigital chose Halifax, Nova Scotia, for incorporation. Nova Scotia offers innovative partnerships between post-secondary institutions and industry, fostering a healthy start-up community. The province also has a huge focus on making government services more accessible and convenient for international organizations, including start-ups.

The expansion into Canada is a strategic move on account of several advantages, including the near shore location to the Americas and Europe, a diverse, skilled talent pool, as well as a booming technology ecosystem. The company is confident that Canada will play a pivotal role in its growth story, as well as enable it to accelerate innovation for customers, enrich employee experiences, and make it a truly diverse and global organization.