Business Need/Challenges

The client was undertaking a Values and Vision exercise. As part of the exercise, it was important to create a brand and communication strategy that generates pride in and high recall of the values and vision among employees as well as stakeholders.

Solution Highlights

  • Visual anchors: Graphical representation of each of the values for easy recall
  • Posters to depict the essence of the values and their importance
  • A PowerPoint template: To anchor the brand identity to the organization’s values, a PowerPoint template based on the theme of the values was created as the Corporate PPT template
  • Pin-up cards: Small cards that employees could pin up at their workstations
  • Screen saver: A screensaver to serve as a reinforcement of the values

Business Impact

  • Huge cost savings as compared to on-shore production
  • High employee engagement and excitement on the values and vision drive