Challenge of dwindling attention spans, workplace demands of multi-tasking – Enhance your training strategy through Microlearning

When it comes to bite-sized learning, we’ve got an entire buffet of solutions spread out for you. Our offerings include: Interactive Videos, Short videos, Kinetic text-based animations, Mobile Apps, Flipbooks, Micro-portals with searchable resources, eBooks and Whiteboard animations in multi-device formats.

Microlearning for employee training provides a great option to address the challenge of dwindling attention spans.

  • Mobile learning format provides flexibility to assimilate knowledge on the go.
  • Nugget-based learning paths feature diverse formats, increasing the engagement factor of professionals compared to traditional eLearning (or macro-learning).

With increased access to technology and media, modern learners are consuming microlearning or small learning nuggets every day. eWandzDigital creates micro-learning solutions for standalone learning as well as for continual learning re-enforcement. These address multiple learning needs: immediate or urgent learning requirements, learning re-enforcements, and self-paced or spaced learning.

Here are some benefits of microlearning:

  • Ideal for just-in-time learning
  • Highly suitable for mobile, on-the-go learners
  • Modules can be completed quickly
  • Effective as a continuous learning format and to supplement other learning components
  • Increased retention of learning

The following are some features of our microlearning solutions:

  • A clear learning outcome set upfront for the microlearning unit
  • Use of interactivity, talking heads etc. for engagement and retention
  • Leverage the power of visuals